Our Story

I was born with a paintbrush in my hand.  Well... almost.  When I was a little guy, my mom kept me busy by putting a brush in my hand and a bucket of water next to me.  She'd sit me in front the garage door or a fence so that I could "paint" it.  By the time I was done, the water was dry.  Puzzled as to why it looked the same, I'd start all over again.  It took all morning!  (I think that was the idea.)    

While that "paint" didn't stick, a love for painting did.  Serving as a Pastor for all of my adult life, I've taken several groups of people on service trips to underserved communities where we voluntarily painted houses for senior adults, disabled folks, or people with their hands so full of kids they adopted or fostered that much needed painting was... let's just say, not likely to happen anytime soon.  It was very satisfying to "give back" in way that added value and dignity to the lives of people.  

Now that I serve as an Interim Pastor for churches in transition, I continue to gravitate toward house painting as a way to give expression to my creative desires and talents.  The bottom line is... I love it.   Give us a try, and I trust you will too!  

Thank you for choosing Grizzly Peak Painting Company! 


Kirk Romberg

Kirk Romberg